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When technology can do everything for you, what is left is imagination.

Coming out March 2025

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Globally recognized, Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos’ unique international expertise at the intersection of emerging technology, security and macro trends has been sought by the United Nations, multi-nationals, tech companies, design agencies, academia (such as MIT and Oxford Said Business School), and foreign governments around the world. She helps her clients understand what the fourth industrial revolution means for their value proposition, create innovation roadmaps and partner strategies to expand their brand's reach. This includes coaching her clients on how to posture their organization to maintain relevance through rapid technological change. She founded the boutique consultancy Abundance Studio and has experience working in the US, Europe, Middle East and East Asia.

Author Testimonials

“She is a true polymath thinker. In times of exponential technological growth, rapid geopolitical transformations and questioning what it means to be humans, few individuals are able to connect the dots. Lydia is of them"
“Dr. Kostopoulos is a true visionary in the realms of strategy, innovation and technology. She has a unique ability to bridge the worlds of technology and strategy with unparalleled grace and effectiveness."
“Lydia is one of the true original thinkers and writers of this modern era. Her willingness to share those ideas and to help others in developing their ideas and projects is one of her great attributes."
"Lydia is brilliant futurist and a thoughtful, highly skilled, and deeply creative national security professional. Her ability to make sense of many different disciplinary threads is simply remarkable."
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